Machines & departures

Are you on the trail of the Dragon of Calais or the Sentinel Iguana? Check their positions and find them in the streets of Calais.

Départures and boarding points

Basse saison (jusqu'au 10 juillet 2021)

Abri du Dragon de Calais


Arrêt situé devant l’abri du dragon. Parking conseillé : P1 et P2, Avenue Winston Churchill

Poste de secours de la plage


Arrêt situé devant le poste de secours de la plage. Parking conseillé : P3 Rue Raymond Poincarré

Summer season (from July, 17 to August, 31)

Morning departures are round trips from the Calais Dragon shelter to allow boarding of people with reduced mobility via the bridge. From 14:00, it leaves its shelter for the day and serves the boarding points on the seafront.

Each ticket is valid for one dragon trip from one boarding point to the next one. For each ticket, the commented trip on board lasts 45 minutes to an hour, embarkation and disembarkation time included.

Dragon shelter

Departure at 10:30  
Departure at 11:30  
Departure at 14:00

Boarding point is located in front of the Dragon shelter. 
Parking lot : P1 & P2, Avenue Winston Churchill

Skate park

Departure at 15:00
Departure at 18:30

Boarding point located at the entrance of the Calais Beach skatepark. 
Parking lot : P5 Digue Gaston Berthe


Departure at 16:30
Departure at 17:30

Boarding point located along the promenade of ‘Digue Gaston Berthe’. 
Parking lot : P7 Blériot Plage