The Observing Iguana

During the summer, our team has captured a strong magnetic signal radiating from the Calais Dragon. Our initial findings suggest that this is a call to the saurians of his family. A Sentinel Iguana, the first ‘fixed’ machine, has answered the call and is about to take up residence on the dragon forecourt, a stone’s throw from the seafront.

© Fred Collier — Ville de Calais

A manipulable Iguana answers the call of the Calais dragon

The first ‘sentinel’ machine is manipulable since September 2020. It takes place on the Calais Dragon forecourt in the shape of an iguana perched on its rock. It is 4 meters long and 1.8 meters high. Graceful as a praise of the passing of time, it lays in the sun, scanning the harbor and the sea on the horizon. New member of the family of machines designed for Calais, it can be manipulated for free to create surprise and interaction using a remote control station. It is very agile, spits water, stands up, moves its head and tail, allowing anyone to become a real machinist and bring the animal to life.


Height : 1,8 mètres
Length :  4 mètres
Weight : 910 kg
Materials :  bois, métal
Manipulation :  free, by the public

© Fred Collier — Ville de Calais

A new member of the saurians family

“Rising from the depths of the Earth, the Calais Dragon appeared in the city and decided to stay. It has since lived on the beach and evolves on the recently renovated seafront, facing the ballet of ferries. The blood that flows through its veins is marked with the DNA of the animals of its family. Among them are iguanas and lizards.

The dragon has a force, it emits a daily magnetic signal, a wave so powerful, that it radiates beyond the seas. It is a call to his family. The first to hear it is an iguana. It is on its way to join the dragon in late summer. This is the Sentinel Iguana of Fort Risban. He will soon be followed by other saurians.”

François Delaroziere,

Artistic director of Compagnie La Machine

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