Calais Côte d'opale tourist office

​Gateway for any explorer of the Calais territory, it is the privileged information point for visitors looking for documentation, information and souvenir items/regional products!

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Located next to the Richelieu Park, the Tourist Office offers many activities to do in Calais and its surroundings. It is located in the city center of Calais (12, boulevard Clémenceau) near the Calais-Ville train station and the City Hall.

Since 2013, it has been classified in Category I, the highest in the network of French Tourist Offices. Its staff is at least bilingual French-English, and has a great knowledge of the territory of the agglomeration of Calais as well as an important documentation on the region of Calais and its surroundings.

Visitors services​

​The Office offers a shop where you will find many souvenir items, gift ideas and regional products. A Groups service offers programs including visits to facilities in the territory and catering-accommodation and a summer program of guided walking tours for individuals.

Calais Côte d'Opale Tourist Office

5 minutes from the Dragon forecourt
12 Boulevard Georges Clemenceau, 62100 Calais

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