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Discover the Calais Dragon and the Sentinel Iguana!

La Compagnie du Dragon presents its mechanical bestiary! Embark on an adventure aboard the Calais Dragon, a majestic animal 12 meters high and 25 meters long, or become a machinist and bring our Sentinel Iguana to life. Meet these amazing creatures imagined by French artist François Delaroziere and discover the treasures of the Opal Coast, just across the Channel, starting with the new seafront of ‘Calais la Plage’!

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Choose your travel date and time online and buy your tickets for a unique journey aboard the Calais Dragon!

Locate our machines

Come and discover the rhythm of the landscapes of 'Calais la Plage', the home of François Delaroziere's machines. Locate the Calais Dragon in real time.

Restaurant - bar

Take the time to savor your visit to Calais by dining at L'Antre du Dragon, a hybrid space designed in the atmosphere of the French artist François Delaroziere.

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