Group visits and outings

​For your group outings, choose emotion aboard the Dragon of Calais, an exceptional mechanical creature! Embark on a unique adventure into the fantasy of creatures populating the undergrounds of the North Seas, coming straight out of the creative mind of the French artist François Delaroziere.

Rencontre théâtrale entre le Dragon de Calais et l'Iguane Sentinelle sur le parvis de la Cité du Dragon à Calais


Have you ever imagined travelling to meet a dragon? Give life to a facetious Iguana? The Compagnie du Dragon, a unique project, offers you a subtle invitation to dream. The Dragon forecourt is a place of choice in your plans to visit the Côte d'Opale. Whether you are looking for a group outing for children or adults, our machines unite all ages around a common value: emotion. Let yourself be carried away by the poetry of urban theater and travel in the singular universe of machines imagined by the artist François Delaroziere. 

From a simple visit to observe our representations by the sea, to a trip aboard our machines, or even a stop at our themed shop / restaurant, we accompany you on an adventure worthy of the reputation of machines and in the pure tradition of giants. 

Organizing your arrival already foreshadows a memorable moment. By car, large car parks provide direct access to the Dragon's Nave in Calais. Buses can leave visitors at the foot of the Nave as well, thanks to a dedicated bus lane. A coach park, the Bassin Ouest in Calais North, is located just two minutes away to facilitate the organization of your visit.

Vue du voyage à bord du Dragon de Calais avec la digue de Calais se déroulant à l'horizon


Organize your group outing and rediscover the Calais seafront thanks to the most beautiful resident of the Company: the Calais Dragon! From 15 people (9 for medico-social structures), and for a reservation at least 20 days in advance, benefit from a preferential rate and a guaranteed time slot to board it! During a dated outing, take advantage of a visit fully commented by our pilots – machinists – mediators. The dragon awakens, a unique 45-minute journey begins, to the rhythm of this exceptional animal. On board, our machinists are taking care to take you into the world of François Delaroziere in their own way, and fly over the particularities of Calais.

Adults (from 12 years old) : 7,50€ instead of 9,50€

Children (up to 11 years old inclusive) : 5,00€ instead of 6,50€

​Free admission for groups: 1 guide for every 15 paying people or in accordance with French National Education regulations for schools:

  • for kindergartens, 1 accompanying person for 8 pupils.
  • ​for elementary schools, 1 accompanying person for 12 pupils.
  • ​for colleges and high schools, and other groups 1 guide for 15 students/persons
Vue du Dragon de Calais crachant des flammes face à l'Iguane Sentinelle, sur le parvis de la Cité du Dragon à Calais

Dragon forecourt guided tours​

La Compagnie du Dragon invites you on a journey of immersion in the universe of our Machines. How do we create movement? Why does the Sentinel Iguana never seem to take your eyes off you? Guided by our machinists, the only ones authorized to reveal these secrets, visitors will dive into the dreamlike universe of our creatures. The average duration of the visit is estimated between 1:00 and 1:30 and is carried out with one or more guides dedicated to the group depending on the number of participants and the sensitivity sought (technical, artistic or educational).

Visite thématique tout au long de l'année 
Tous publics et thème personnalisable (technique, artistique ou pédagogique)
Forfait pour 48 personnes : 180€

Visite guidée des soins annuels (février)
Tous publics et créneaux spéciaux pour les visites scolaires
Tarif préférentiel de groupe : 3,60€ / personne

Vue aérienne de la digue de Calais, concentré c'activités familiales et adaptée aux sorties de groupe

​on site, a real place to stroll by the sea

The Dragon forecourt contains many treasures such as the gift shop & bookstore which offers you the essentials of the world of the Machine (sketchbooks, art books) in total immersion in the world of the Machines and François Delaroziere. Dine at the Dragon's Den, our restaurant – bar – café with a sea view in a setting marked by the presence and passage of the Dragon of Calais even in the dishes offered on the menu. Finally, don't forget to slip into the shoes of our machinists by bringing the Sentinel Iguana to life, which can be manipulated free of charge during the opening hours of the Dragon forecourt.

Calais la Plage boardwalks on seafront are waiting for you with a host of activities! Walkers can find themselves between the seawall along the beach, the jetty extending into the sea, the Risban breakwater along the entrance to the port, or the brand new lookout point overlooking the sand. There are also rest areas, including a large solarium. For families and children, playgrounds are also available, not forgetting sports activities: fitness equipment, a workout area, city stadium, etc. Calais LA Plage also has the largest skate park in the Hauts-de-France (4,000 m2).


Merci de votre intérêt !

Notre équipage vous répondra dès que possible avec une offre complète étudiée sur mesure.


​Minimum of 15 paying people (8 for medico-social structures) to make a group reservation at least 20 days before the date of your visit. Maximum of 48 people per trip, subject to availability.

​Rates reserved for structures such as leisure centres, associations, schools, work councils, associations, etc. It is not accessible to families or gatherings of friends regardless of the number of participants.

Upon receipt of the quote, the group has 30 working days to confirm its order and pay a 30% deposit. The payment of the balance must reach us at the latest 20 days before the groupe outing date.

Find our complete General Conditions of Sale at this link.

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