The artistic project

“Revealing the seaside resort of the 21st century”. The major stake of the project initiated with the Compagnie du Dragon is the economic and tourist development of the city of Calais. The Dragon, our animals created by La Machine in Nantes, promotes heritage and urban renewal and shifts Calais from the industrial era to culture and art.

‘Urban machines’ in a permanent representation​

The project features several types of creatures imagined by François Delaroziere and the Compagnie la Machine, taking place in various emblematic places of Calais. Inspired by saurians, each machine is attached to a place that will have undergone a profound transformation. The Dragon of Calais will take up residence on the seafront and at Fort Risban, the ‘Varans de voyage’ in the ‘Dombunker’, the ‘Iguana family’ in Fort Nieulay and the ‘Grand Iguane’ in the heart of Saint Pierre district. Each of the machines moves around town, evolves in urban space and interacts with its immediate environment: street furniture, traffic, passers-by, thus creating a permanent daily spectacle.

Une histoire racontée par les machinistes

Les machinistes sont au service des machines qu’ils vont mettre en mouvement et auxquelles ils vont ainsi donner vie tout en racontant leur fonctionnement et l’histoire du projet. La visite-spectacle est rythmée par ce réveil des machines qui prennent vie sous vos yeux. C’est pourquoi l’univers des Machines s’adresse à toutes les générations et se prête parfaitement aux sorties familiales et en groupes. Il n’y a pas de séparation entre le monde des adultes et des enfants. Les parents ne sont pas que de simples accompagnants, soucieux de l’éveil de leurs enfants, ils partagent leur voyage et découvrent derrière l’animal, la machine en mouvement.

Qu'est-ce qu'une machine de ville ?

An “urban machine” integrates a civic function such as, for example, people transportation. They are also truly colossal architectures, a sort of mobile gazebo that offer a different point of view of public space.

Visible to all, and placed in the daily framework of those who cross them, these living sculptures transcend and transform our perception of the city. Beyond the simple mechanical and material equation, this form of performance integrates architecture with theatrical writing and becomes a formidable instrument of cultural emancipation. Access to culture in the middle of the street can indeed help to develop skills, to nurture self-esteem and pride about your city. This marriage of technique and movement creates a unique spark in the eye of the spectator which allows him to let his imagination run free, to ignore the machinists in action and to fully experience his emotions.

Calais, a seaside city between history and renewal

Calais and its region is a territory with a rich tradition. There is something inexplicable about living in a city by the sea that makes everyday life sweeter and more contrasting: the wisdom of the horizon, the strength of the elements. And if the urban history of the city of Calais is so closely linked to the sea, it is today on its large beach and on the waterfront that the destiny of a renewal is being played out. 

Radiate, become unique and assert its qualities, confirm that Calais is a city where we live, that we visit and we love. Calais wants to bring three forces together : culture, leisure and sport. The aim is to forge an identity in order to be recognized as a major living space nationally and internationally.

Invested by art and culture

The main stake is tourism and economic development of the city by establishing a coherent link and a natural articulation between the projects carried out today, and a singular artistic history.

More specifically, the arrival of the Calais Dragon and the Compagnie du Dragon accompanies the urban renewal of the seafront, and ultimately consists of the emergence of a set of ten moving machines located in different places in Calais. Although independent in their operation, their movement in urban space makes it possible to reveal links between the different districts of Calais.


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