Calais, between nature and large spaces

Calais is a territory rich in culture, but also in its breathtaking landscapes. Between Lands & Seas, its wide open spaces stretch out over beaches of fine sand as far as the eye can see, blending into the palette of opal hues of the changing sea. Along the coast, it is good to let yourself be taken in by the immensity and beauty of the Deux Caps site, a Grand Site de France.

Regional natural park of Caps and Marais d'Opale

When you leave the center of Calais along the sea or inland to the west, the landscape rises, you gradually reach the hills where some welcoming villages are nestled, ideal for hiking. This is also where the Grand Site des Deux Caps is located, labeled Grand Site de France, with the cliffs of Cap Blanc-Nez, offering breathtaking panoramas! The west of Calais is also the land of the adventurers of the Strait of Pas-de-Calais, from Louis Blériot to the flying man Franky Zapata via the builders of the Channel Tunnel. This area is part of the Regional Natural Park of Caps et Marais d'Opale and enjoys an incredible diversity of fauna and flora since 80% of the region's plant and animal species are present there.